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Originally from Normandy, France, I began my studies in the School of Fine Art of Caen (2014), then at the University of Caen in a Performing Arts degree (2016). I completed the third and final year of this degree in Canada, at the University of Quebec in Montreal (2018), in Scenography.

My journey then led me to Scotland where I started a second degree (2020). I am currently doing a Bachelor of Set and Costume Design at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, which I will complete in June 2023.

Alongside my studies, I have worked on a number of projects such as Thibaut Galis' play, Penché au Bord du Monde (2020-2021). My first set design was made in 2018 for Laura Henicker's show, Les Fleurs Maladives, based on Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal. I also worked on the set design of Abbie Maclaughlan's short film, Sandyford (February 2022) and on the set and costume design of her second film, The Borderline (November 2022). I also worked for Tamara Egea Ferguson's film Rosario (December 2022), Seyma Dag's film Next in Line (February 2023) and John Black's film The Ties That Bind Us (March 2023).

In the meantime, I have designed A Very Expensive Poison directed by Finn den Hertog in November 2022 and The Angry Brigade directed by Sally Reid in May 2023.

In July 2023 I worked as head set designer (among other things) on the film Baobhan Sith directed by Hayley McGuire and produced by Sam Heughan.

I am based in Glasgow and Lille.

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